Cougar Town Review: Saying No to the Bride


After last weeks big reunion episode, Courtney Cox got a new big one for herself she directed the 3rd episode of season 5( 8 Cougar Town episode). “Depending on You” was an other solid instalment which digged into the main couples relationship and strenghtened Jules and Grayson love even more.

Jules, wants to be loved and so she she is pretty unable to say no to pretty much anyone. This week her inabillity to say no coast her a lot of cookie money and the job of being a made of honor. All started with Jules arranging a house for a really annoying couple. I already forgot their names, that’s how awful they were. Either way besides being annoying this couple was pushing their bounderies a lot. They turned their simple wedding invite for Jules and Grayson into a invitation to be the Maid of honor and Best man. Grayson who RVSP-ed with No got fulled by Jules and dragged to the wedding. After the cermony finished Grayson and Jules held speeches confessing their love to each othe once more. The speeches and moment were great and had a funny component when Jules revealed the bride was pregnant and got shushed down(apparently the hubby isn’t the baby daddy). Great episode for these 2.

Meanwhile Travis and Laurie got into their first really fight when they discover the real life maket of their neighbourhood. Of course this creepy thing belongs to resident dr Tom who has unappropriate figures for all our Cul de Sac members. I Lmfao when Travis made a comment about Ellies figure being more cold than the others. Back to the fight Laurie got mad at Travis after he comments that Lauries figure is exactly like her even though she states it has to much make up on. It was a silly reason to fight, but Travis is so adorably cute when he gets confused. Laurie besides rocking major bosom got so mad she started wearing a motorcycle helmet looking more awkward than usual. The couple eventually reconcilled and decieded to focus their anger towards Tom. As they went to him they saw the creep play with their dolls staging a peace talk. I love how creepy he is.

Bobby got to meet his first grandkids tonight, dog Travis got kids. Bobby randomly encountered some dogs in a park and figured out they were doggy Travises. Bobby being Bobby wanted the whole family together so he enlisted lawyer Ellie to get the dogs for him. In her first attempt the dog dealer even said to Ellie: “You aren’t that scary!” Imagine someon being tough enough to say that to Ellie. After some pep talk from her Latino husband Ellie got really mean and took the dogs home. An other win for Ellie.

The show is doing well, they are funny, the jokes work. I hope they keep up the level and give us more laughs.


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