Teen Wolf Review: A Patient to die for

“Galvanize” wasn’t the best Teen Wolf episode this season but the most discusting one for sure, at least in my opinion. The episode proved a new level of discusting scenes and interesting development.

The plot of the episode revolved around a mysterious patient ib who btw is a convicted murder. While under surgery a fly filled absces burst and a hord of flies escape his body giving him space and time to run out of the hospital. After escaping the hospital, he relocates to the school on his hunt for Kira. He has some serious issues with the kids with the glowing eyes. I first thought he was after our wolf hunks but I was plesently surprised he was after Kira. And while everyone continues to live their lifes (even though a killer is on the loose), Lydia and Stilles went on searching for the guy and realized the Fly guy wants Kira. I don’t know why the writers aren’t making Lydia and Stilles hook up. It’s pretty awful how they are crashing Stilles heart every time Lydia hooks up with some random guy. Their interaction became the main story in my eyes. But back to the story, after the patient took Kira, Scott, Stilles & Lydia went to her rescue which she really didn’t need. It was shown she has the abbility to absorb electricity, she blackouted the whole city. Cliffhanger moment!

Kira and Scott got some time to bound, before she got kidnapped. Her father convinced Scott to stop by and dinner with them. Kira and Scott have interesting chemistry, they are somehow the weird one who found each other I really hope the writers stop working around them and go for it.

In other news the Twins are back, besides messing around and having some great one liners they are really not so useful. Their goal is to become part of Scott’s pack, so they infiltrate back into school. But that wasn’t working so well as thought. And while Aiden found his way back to Lydia and her panties, Ethan was put in a awkward place after realizing Danny has moved on or at least it seems that way.

I’m glad the writer choose to give the Hale family some focus. It was revealed that Peter and Derek took some claws(which apparently belonged Derek’s mom) and tried to comunicate to Mama Hale. As it seems Derek talked to her and found out something shocking, hopefully we get some insight next week. I must say Ian Bohen/Peter is a pretty handsome man, would love to be in that shape in years to come. The fact that interest ne most in their story is how does he make his eyes turn blue when he is a proclaimed Alpha?

Last but not least Isaac wanted some action as well. He finally went for Alison, but she wasn’t that into kissing him so he proposed different nastier actions and Alison was in for it, at least till her father busted the party. I grew to like Isaac, he is a funny guy.  He and Alison seem like a nice match, but we will have to wait for something real to happen cause he got kidnapped in the final moments of the episode by some black dressed guys with weird masks.

I hope next week we’ll  dig into Kira’s back story, what is she? Ect! And who are these guys who took  Isaac? And what did Derek find out?


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