Intelligence Review: Women mean Trouble

A new week, new mission. In “Mei Chen Returns”, Intelligence’s 3rd episode had a lot was going on and all thanks to women.

As the episode starts Gabriel is in a dark dark place. He is on his way to go crazy cause of the voices he is hearing. Thankfully Riley, as lovely as she is, convinces him to comeback and let the docs check out what’s wrong. But there was no time to spare so Lilian had to recruit Gabriel and Riley for a new mission. A women named Kate Anderson got herself in trouble. She wanted to sell some intelligence to the highest bitter, Kate becomes Intelligence’s most wanted, of the week of course. But just finding Kate would be to easy, there was an other hunter. In the form of Mei Chen, a female version of Gabriel, who hasn’t quite the noble intentions. While home office wonders about Mei’s existance, Mei is proactive and works her way to Kate and takes her hostage. She takes the Intelligence and runs of. The episode concludes with our crew setting up a trap for Mei in Gabriels mind. Their hack into her chip and get into the intel out of her brain.

The episode was overalk solid and the first one where Gabriel was fully clothed the whole instalment. I think the show should switch the focus a bit and explore the other members of crew and maybe Gabriel’s private life? Friends or something like that. The show needs to keeps up with so many dynamic shows they need to push it ASAP.



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