How I met your Mother Review: Truth serum drunk

It’s odd how after a really awful episode we got last week, HIMYM returns with a huge instalment. “Unpause” featured 3 storylines and each worked really well.

The episode starts with a flashforward to 2017 where the mother went into labor. The chemistry between The Mother and Ted is over the top. The 2 of them really work together, I see them being happily ever after. At the end of the episod we found out that the Mother is having their 2nd child Luke. Ted was really sweet while holding their daughter Penny.

The main storyline followed a really creepy Barney who got to a new stadium of drunk. The way Neal went all out here was great (read creepy), Barney’s eyes, body language it was somewhere between awesome and  weirdest thing ever. After getting some really interesting answeres the answer of all answeres was given to Us: What Barney does for living? And it was simpler than anyone could imagine he does PLEASE (Provide Legal Exculpation And Sign Everything ), eventually it was revealed he only wanted revenge. After Robin went to bed we got the sweetest answer ever if he loves her more than anyone else.

The blow out of the episode happened when Marshall and Lilly Unpaused their fight. But before that we got a hilarious Marshall who tried to prolong the pause with Major sex. Some tough words were thrown at each other. I  was honestly shocked the writers went to these extremes. Marshall throw San Francisco into Lilly’s face what resulted in her running away. I assume to the mother who will be the star of the next episode.

I really enjoyed this episode I hope they continue in this rythm. Next week should be a really big one with the Mother meeting Ted and oh yeah it’s the 200th episode.


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