Hart of Dixie Review: A rocky road for creativity

“Star of the show” was a lovely episode filled with development and plenty laughs. Dixie upped they performance pretty much from the start of the season and I like where the show is headed. The merging story is a thing the show really benefits from, the whole cast is there, everyone interacts with each other and something is finaly happening.

AnnaBeth is getting place to shine here and it’s really working for her. ABe had her hands full dealing with Lavon and the mess Kricket made. She is such a sweet person, I really dig her.  She outed herself from the  damsel in distress role and become a fighter. I really cherish her and love what she gives to the show. Her using Lemon to motivate the whole city was a great move and made me jiggle the whole time. Lavon woke up from his slumber-pitty party and convinced the governer’s sister to enjoy the show. The show was a succsess and seems like the governer is getting an invite to Bluebell.

Zoey meanwhile worked on her creativity. After Joel and Wade insulted her creative abilitties, she decieded to step up her game and pushed herself into a director place of an upcoming cabaret, previously abandoned by Dash. She created a celluar cabaret and was a working bee eager to prove herself. I have to give Kudos to the Bluebell people they can SING!!! After Joel’s intervantion Zoe realized her show sucked but Joel and Zoe stepped up to make it perfect, cause the govenor’s sister wanting to come.

George and the lady drama is something the show will never let go.  Lynly and Tansy are completly different persons and with them all going on a hike I knew we were in for some great laughs.  Calling Lynly “crazy eyes” was a really enjoyable and her reaction to it was even more crazy eyes. At the end Tansy’s boyfriend left her leaving Tansy, Lynly and George drinking back at the boat where George’s emotion got shaken up after a sweet moment with Tansy.

Who would’ve thought Wade would ever have women problems? Wade thought he and Vivian were on a steallar path but things quickly changed when Tansy intervened and made him doubt in his good looks being enough. But Wade really wants this to work so he opened up to her and they set things right.

This was a lovely episode, I hope thing will start to heat up all around Bluebell.


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