The Following Review: A Hard(y) day to be a Follower


The Following was my favorite new show last season, before it got all messy and unconvincing. The start of this show was perfect but along the way the stories and amount of followers got ridicilous. But when I like a show, I stick with it till the end, I won’t give up on THIS ONE especially after tonights season 2 premier. The Resurrection was resurrecting the fear in me and I’m all for it.

The episode started slow concluding last seasons cliffhanger and letting us know Clair has died. The writers took the easy way out here, what is probably smart the way out to keep the focus on Joe and Ryan. Meanwhile a year has past Ryan is a changed man being sober and all family friendly with his nephew Max, played by the wonderful Jessica Stroup. Ryan lives a Carol free live, at least that’s what people on the surface see, while Ryan is still opssesing with the idea of Joe being alive. And the new attack gives him material to work with.

On the one year anniversary of Joe’s death 3 creepy masked attackers commit a train attack successfully killing a bunch of people with just one beautiful surviver, Lily Gray.  With people on this show you always have to ask yourself are they followers? But as it seems Lily has love interest potential, she and Ryan had a moment. After the attack Ryan and Mike reunite when the police wants their intel into the previous Cult casses. The  dynamic between the 2 NY cops and our main character is tense and somehow cooky, it was pretty interesting to follow it out. The NY officers were stif and emotionless working through the case. Ryan departed and with the help of Max finds one of the followers and some intense interogation happens along the way resulting with Ryan getting hit by a cab. Besides playing the hunt on his own, Ryan messes with the followers apartment and takes some stuff with him. Our favorite follower Emma sees him do it and I think it could lead to a possible set up in the future.

The highlight of the episode for was Ryan’s interaction with Mike. Spraks were flying all around, Mike has an enormous grudge against Ryan cause of not him leaving him. Not being there for him. I look forward to the 2 of them reconnect.

The side story of the episode followed a really creepy and disturbing kill. First of we witness a smart looking guy flirt with beautiful blond she moves along with the elevator just to see the same guy looming infront of her front  door. A bundle of strange things happen, with the guy cuddling, talking, dancing and dressing up the already stranggled Blond girl. Late on we discover that we deal with Twins who apparently are just getting into the Joe Carol cult working on their own. Sam Underwood who portrays the twins played some intense distinction between the player looking more agressive twin and the shy.

I didn’t saw a clear curse with this season and I like it. I believe they will give us a lot surprising developments, with new interesting followers to come and be revealed .


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