Revenge Review: BluRRed Lines

“Hatred” is the 13th outing of Revenge’s season 3, and I can say it was full of it. Tension rose as people hadn’t anything to hide, so they were just unleashing all the hate they’ve bottled up.

Emily as the main character of the show delivered completely in this winter final. And I’m honestly looming for more. After all things happened it isn’t a surprise that Emily turned Schizo (apparently), cause her perspective is more blurred than ever. As the episode begins we encounter Emily in her bed soaking in her own blood. She opened up her stiches on her own and choose to get cauterized by Niko. Personally it hurts to even think about that and we didn’t even got the pleassure to see it happen.  As this wasn’t enough she found out that her ex hubby Aiden was already trespassing onto Niko’s ground’s made Emily suffer her first blackout, finding herself out of nowhere at Nolan’s place, encountering her former love once more. After dealing with Aiden Emily takes on her real issue Sara. She worked her but of to take out this one. Sara was pretty resistant but went to her knees after Emily introduced her mother to the story. It was a classic Emily Torn move. But than came the other more shocking blackout caused by Emily’s and Daniel’s fight. Emily got dizzy and suddenly woke up in Conrad’s bed. I really hope this is just a tease and they really hadn’t sex. I think that would be a step to far.

Jack, I like him finally be in a happy place. He  really deserves it, as he become a widower he got hotter, smarter and sexier.  Margaux on the other hand was primarily played by Papa Grayson, but than decieded to tango along with him and put Junior Grayson in his well deserved place (after the season2 cue).

Niko is securing her place as my favorite addition to season3. She is snarky, vindictive and has smashig one liners. It’s just a pleassure watching her  all over the place. I liked the set up Nolan and Aiden pulled of to revenge *eclan’s murderer. But Niko found her fathers sword knowing that somethings wrong in the Revengeverse.

Mother and Son. Nolan put his miracle fingers into play as he gave Patrick the neccesarry information about his dad. Patrick’s need to meet his father, gave Victoria a meeting with her rapist and babby’s father, so we found out her mothers boyfriend inpregnated her by a raping her. Madeline Stowe gave the best performance I ever saw on this show. So delicate, so strong, so honest, I felt for Victoria. At least for this damaged version of her. The arsening is the only thing I didn’t get.

Daniel !!! Ohhh how I love this turn on him. He is empowered, stable, selfish and just rocking his scenes. He is finally the man he was always suppossed to be but he become that by being a terrible person. Who would’ve thought he would become the man we needed in season 1 by the pain Emily caused him. I hope he is in for the fight cause after that line about sterelazing Emily is a gift, Emily is in for it, till someone K.O. ‘s.

We have to wait full 7 weeks for the spring premier to happen. Payback is it called and I really look forward to it cause Revenge got his curse back on.


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