Reign: What happened and what ( I think ) is coming

“Let me be your ruller!” Lorde sang and Mary, Queen of Scots, came to rule over our Thursday nights. The historical teenage drama succeeded into digging itself a place into our shedule. The raitings aren’t overwhelming but the fanbase  growes as it comes, what the People Choice Award for Best New drama proves. The show perfectly combines teenage love triangle drama, Queens gone Gaga and supernatural elements. In just 8 episodes alot of things happened, let’s break it  down.

The show revolves around Mary, Queen of Scots, who lived in isolation so she could be safe and take the tron when she is old enough. Besides being the upcoming Queen of Scots Mary, played by the stunning Adelaide Kane, is engaged to Francis the Future King of France. After a poisoning atempt on Mary’s life, the desicion was made to sent her to her future in Laws to be proteced till she marries her fiancee.  From the moment of her arrival all eyes were set on Mary and every move she makes. As the story progresses Mary and Francis grow a lot closer to each other. Their bound grow over the corse these couple of episodes and their affection towards each other prevented them from making decisions which would benefit their countries. Adelaide’s portrayal of Mary is strong , colorful, captivating in every scene she participates in and she certainly knows how to present all of these emotions which are new for her and even scary from time to time.

Francis is played by Toby Regbo. Francis is portrayted as an insecure but adventures young boy who is primary underestimated by his father and so by plenty people around him. He is trying a way to shine, to prove himself as a ruller and not only to his father more over to himself, cause the self  doubt lies deep in his soul. His self doubt is messing even with his feelings for Mary so he pushes her away by indolding into a relationship with his former flame Olivia. Olivia’s appearence triggers Mary’s jealousy which makes make a move on Bash, but later more on that. Overall Francis emotion for Mary prevail and they find a happy place for them to be. Besides his relationship with Mary, Francis is relationship with his mother is put in front.  The overprotective Queen Catherine de Medici is one of the highlights, filled with supersticion believe from her seer Nostradamus that Mary will bring death to her son, she started ploting the hell out of the show so she would tear the bound between our protagonists apart. If you thought Victoria Grayson is tough, you should be real affraid of Catherine. In the pilot she set up a rape for Mary later on she blackmailed Olivia into getting back with Francis and poisoned an army of intruders just to safe her kingdom. She isn’t affraid to use anything or anyone to protect her son and throne. It’s really interetsing to see her and Mary clash cause when you put all differences aside you see just how similiar they are.

But Reign wouldn’t be a CW how if we hadn’t a love triangle to argue about.  So the writers took some liberties and introduced the character of Sebastian aka Bash, the Kings bastard  .  A handsome guy with some stunnigly knight abbilities who slowly but strongly move into Mary’s and our hearts. The thing that Sebastian wants the most is just to be a good brother, but that is pretty difficult when you are so awesome and have your mom working towards making you legit. Bash is the prototype of todays popular boys, he got all the means to be great but he just wants to be ordinary and get the girl. He is infatuated by Mary, but fights himself by pushing himself away as much as possible. In one episode we got to see him connect with one of Mary’s Ladies-In-Waiting. Bash and Lola had some great spark but the writers put it currently on hold to heat up the triangle with Mary running away with Bash, to protect Francis from Nostradamus’s prophecy. It a bit sad to see Mary play with his feelings, of course it’s unintentionally but Mary still holds #Mash fans on life support.

An other integral part of the show are Mary’s Ladies in waiting, Greer, Lola, Aylee & Kenna. 4 really beautiful girls who put all their dancing and grooming talents to their Queens disposition. Greer is a beautiful girl(bit too blond for that time period) whos family is poor. Her prime quest is to marry a whealty man to support her big family. Of course she falls for a kitchen boy, who poorer than the standards allow but she lives. At his side she feels so good, strong, free but the looming financial state of her family is burdening every move she is making. Lola is played by Anna Popwell(the girl from Narnia) and had a pretty rough life since she arrived in France. Her boyfriend came to town and was forced by Catherine into a rape attempt what resulted with him getting killed. Lola suffered and unleashed some stress by isolating Mary as the Queen. She is a smart girl who knows how to use her words to either hurt someone or be a supportive friend. Hopefully she gets more screen time for the rest of the show. Aylee was the LiW which got the least focus, so it wasn’t a big surprise when the choose to kill her. Her death was a well executed plan who lead to Mary getting scared by Nostradamuses prophecy and runaway in the midseason final.  Behind the plan was the mysterious Clarissa. The Castles resident whos identity and intentions are well hidden. Last but not least there is Kenna. The most beautiful girl in the whole show from my PoV. Not onyl is she beautiful but this girl knows how to act. Sometimes childish sometimes arrogant, this girl has it all. Even a King in her bed. I mean it was a bold move to let the king take on of Mary’s ladies to be his mistress. But I honestly must say it really works. The relation with the king is interesting, the girl inbetween themself have awkward interactions on that behalf. And even though it’s the classic sugardaddy relationship, Kenna isn’t asking for power she only wants security. She has some real issues and I hope we get some time to dig into it.

What (I think) is coming:

– The King death, I think the writers will go there. It will completely change the shows dynamic and we all want that to happen.

-Greer getting forced to marry some awful guy.

-Mother issues. I really can’t wait for Amy B to appear and rock the whole show.

-Mary and Bash getting a bit more nasty.

-Clarissa being a pretty interesting person and share some real history with Mary, cousin, nanny or something.

-Nostradamus will die, probably by Catherine’s hands.


3 thoughts on “Reign: What happened and what ( I think ) is coming

  1. I really want bash and Mary to get together! It might not be until the end of the season, but it has to happen sometime. The only way Love triangle works are if they are all secretly in love with each other! The brothers obviously love each other, and right now, Mary has feelings for Francis, but I think she has a secret crush on Bash. Maybe now that they have run away together, their chemistry can show itself!

    • I think they will play it out when the King “mysteriously” dies and Francis has to become King and has no more time for his bride. The charm of these two is that Mary Doesn’t need to be perfect in front of Bash, she can be relaxed and the writers are taking advantage of it. As I heard Mary&Bash’s run won’t ast for whole 20 minutes into the next ep .Thanks for reading, Greatings!

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