The Vampire Diaries: What happened and what ( I THINK ) is coming


Somewhere over the rainbow there is a place called Mystic falls, inhibitat by humans but besides them there are witches, vampires, werewolfes, hybrids and doppelgangers. All of them lived hidden in Mystic falls till one day, the day Elena Gilbert, miss popularity herself, met Stefan and Damon Salvatore , 2 150 year old vampires.  Since these 2 significant meetings a rollercoaster of events started and to recap all events of the previous 4 and a half seasons would be insane so I’m going to focus on the current plotlines by character, where we at and where we a probably heading.

Elena: After a year of adapting to life as a Vampire, Elena was finally in a happy place. There were no threats to her or her friends lives, she got into Whitmore college, she was happy with her boyfriend everything was in a good place and then the summer ended.  First of her ex boyfriend went missing, than he came back with his memories whiped out what rekindled their emotions and gave us back a glimpse of their magnificant chemistry. As Elena tried to resist her past emotions she was hit by destiny again by finding out that her best friend Bonnie is dead. At this point a race to resurect Bonnie begins, and with the help of Silas, Tessa, Amara and our core group Bonnie is back. At this point a new chapter beging in the world of Vampire diaries, Augustine. The Augustine organisation is a secret organisation at the Whitmore college who are working against Vampires and trying to create Vampires who can feed on other Vampires. Elena is held captive by Augustine’s main researcher,  dr Maxfield. The torture she had to go through was nothing when the realization of her boyfrien actions. Whois on a constant mission to kill all Whitmore family members as revenge for torturing him 50 years ago. As a result of these revelations Damon broke up with Elena.

Damon: He suffered a lot this year, as usual he was in pain. Just joking, Damon spent a awesome summer with Elena and thought he finally got some time to be happy and free. But no. He had to step up and become his version of a hero. As much as he is arogant, selfcentered he has that soft spot for the people around him and has the urge to protect them. And while he was working to create a perfect world for Elena, he witnessed his girlfriend rekindle a flame with his brother/her ex. But Damon as usual overplays his feelings and works past them. So he got involved into the Augustie mess, where we found out some pretty creepy things. His captivity brought to us a really intersting character by the name Enzo. Enzo was inprisoned with Damon by the Augustine organisation. The Augustin doctor was harsh on both of them what made the 2 Alpha males bond even more. Honestly I’m really liking Enzo, he has that devious Damon side in his character and that honorable thing Stefan has going on. And as it seems the writers are digging Enzo aswell and we will see much more of him. Damon who turned of his emotions so he could leave Enzo and run of without him really stepped in for his friend. It will be nice to see this play out . Damon meanwhile brooke up with Elena cause he thinks he is to bad for her.

Stefan: This dimpling Salvatore brother had a tough helping the love of his long long life adjust to transition into a Vampire. And after he put everything he got into finding a cure for Elena she choose to love his brother. This was a strong hit for this emotional guy so he decieded to leave. On his way he discovered he is a doppelganger and his Original self looked him away for 3 months making him drown and drown. This left him with some tough PTSD, but he couldn’t deal with it cause Tessa eraised his memory. Stefan without memory was a win for the show. Paul put on a great show cause he reacted like a normal person would after finding out his ex-girlfriend is dating brother. This gave us some intense interactions, but we couldn’t enjoy that for to long cause Tesaa brought his memories back really fast. And with his memories his PTSD came back. I wasn’t thrilled when I found out Katherine was the one who would help him. But the events played out well so ending with multiple somethings for both Stefan and Katherine.

Katherine: Katarina Petrova had probably the toughest year of all our characters. I mean she had it coming after being a 500 year old manipulating Vampire bitch. Her better shadow self foreced the cure on her, than she got all of her blood sucked out and now is dying out of old age. Besides that she found out she has “living” a Vampire daughter,Nadia ,who is searching for her. There is just one question, so Nadia had a child of her own and turned herself after that? Did she abandon that child like Katarina abandoned her? I mean there is no other way the doppelganger line was continued. Back to Katarina, who in the midseason final suffered from a heart attack. The 500 episode will revolve around Katarina on her dying bed and will reveal some pretty big secrets I’m sure and of course we’ll find out how Katarina will stay alive or won’t she?

Caroline: She is my favorite girl in this show. She grew so much from that bland arrogant bitch and become a real eye candy. This year she just wanted to enjoy College and get real college experience but instead of long parties and having fun it was all about men. Caroline first of broke up with Tyler than got hunky hunky with Jesse who got turned into a Augustine Vamp and got killed by Elena. This brought along a lot of suffering for our blond queen Bee. And if that suffering wasn’t enough she had to hear Stefan and Katarina sleep with each other, what was a really odd moment for everyone watching. Why? I mean the writers are constantly teasing us with the Steroline possibility. We really don’t know if their feelings are just friendly or is there something more we can look forward to. But Caroline copped pretty we’ll with this and still is optimistic/compulsive that everything will turn out well.

Jeremy and Bonnie had a journey of their own. It was interesting to see them work through her being dead and not being able to feel each other. I expected a lot from Bonnies death but it was overall a big left down. They announced some big other side moments but we just got some sweet talk between her and Matt. Bonnies new Anchor story seems neat and I hope the writers will dig into it cause there is a lot of space there. Jeremy doesn’t do anything special besides being cute and have some revelation moments. I hope he gets a story on his own, but a real one not like the Hunter role.

Matt: Ithought he couldn’t get more boring but he trumpped my word and nailed it. Just as Bonnie his story was announced big way. I thought we will get some major development but no. He was plane boring, okay he was interesting for whole 5 minutes when he wasn’t playing himself when he played Gregor.

That’s the wrap on the main characters, I really hope the story goes into some new direction into new pairing and hopefully the writer break their own patterns.

What ( I think ) is coming:

-Katarina will leave but she will be weirdly connected to Elena so she would be able to stay alive.

-Stefan will get a new love interest.

– We will get an other Salvatore doppelganger.

-Enzo will wake the devil in Damon and the boys will have some fun.

-Enzo will put a move on Elena, and I think she will say yes at some point.

-Damon will continue to push Elena away. She will get closer to Stefan but eventually Delena will finish season 5 together.

-The Whitmore saga will be dragged out till season final and will kill our love for the show.

– Travler magic coming up. I could see Matt being revealed as a Salvatore(he has a skanky mom) and as Stefan is Silas decendent so Matt should be a travler aswell.

– A main character will die, male this season. And the main contenders are Matt and Tyler with Stefan being on 3rd place( I heard rumors Paul doesn’t like to play good Paul anymore).

-Caroline will get her own spin off or talk show not sure, but I think she will make a stop in New Orleans fir sure but don’t think it will be free willed.

That’s it from me, episode number 100 airs on next Thursday and some major things will go down. I hope that is the road to Salvation cause it isn’t looking good for Vampire Diaries and their forced storylines.


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