Modern Family Review: The devil in Us


This week the families of Modern Family thought us how to deal when you are “Under Pressure”. Last nights episode of Modern family was full of laughs and interesting developments along the way.

First of there was poor Alex, who suffered a panic attack and left her whole family scared. She decieded to visit a therapist, who broke her in an interesting way. After throwing a lot of awesome facts towards her therapist, he finally lead her on that the issue isn’t in her studies or anything remotely close the issue is in her family. She feels so misunderstood that she was shocked how deep her (family) issues are. But things got back on track when Claire said she admires how she handles the pressure what made Alex cry and dig into her mothers arms. Overall it was a nice development for a not so featured Alex, well  deserved.

Mitchell got into a weird “green” fight with a youngish neighbor. And with assitance of Hayley and Lilly we enjoyed some hilarious moments. Scene stealler Lilly of course, she was putting people in their place and looked so cute while doing it.

Jay and Phil had fun on their own, with Jay taking a flask to the open house and framing Phil with it. But the sucker son in law got a mental high five from his father in law when he made a Tv and later a projector screen a game Jay was missing cause of the open house. The projector blow up and caught fire what gave the bad boy the first invite of the night to the principal.

Gloria found a sort of nemessis who woke the Latina in her. Gloria wanted to send Manny to Washington, but there was an other mother, played by the charming overachiving overathletic Jane Krakowski, who had the same goal for her son. Jane played the mean girl and was better in everything than Gloria. They’ve earned the 2nd principal invite by playing a rough game of dodge ball.

But the highlight of the episod were Manny and Luke with their twin double date. I mean these boys live with crazy parents and are weird as hell.  I enjoyed them being themselves at the date and trying to swap the girls but eventually not doing it cause one of the twins loves her man dumb and the other one is a latino lover. Eventually the boys got a make out session and seemed happy as hell.


CAN THIS SHOW CAN GET ANY BETTER??? I love every new episode that they create, already waiting for next week.


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