American Horror Story: Where did the Horror go?


With only 2 episodes left after “Protect the Coven”, I expected many developments last night but AHS really let me down.

Tonight we got a long overdue backstory on Madam LaLaurie, I was surpised they waited this long to do it. Not only she was back in one piece, she was brought back by Queenie(who’s resurrection was just overplayed) Her thirst for blood was so compelling, Kathie Bates portrayted LaLaurie’s insanity in such a entertaining and weird way. LaLaurie was growing close to Spalding’s ghost who gave her ideas on how to kill her nemessis Marie. LaLaurie was easily played by Spalding who just wanted the adorable baby to play with(ICK).

The Frankenstein triangle was on it’s peak this week. Madison was burning inside out with jealousy, while Zoe and Kyle bound intensly grew closer and stronger. All of a sudden Mirtle remembered Zoe was her grandaughter and gave her a way out of the town. Zoe decided that it was the right move but Kyle wanted to stay cause he thought he could protect Zoe that way. After a sweet kiss and some heart to heart they left town. But I doubt for to long.

Cordelia meanwhile was working towards the Coven’s protection, she was dissed by Queenie as a week witch making her feel worthless. The only resolution she saw was in taking her own eye sight, to regain her lost 6th sence.

Fiona and Marie played a devious game with the Hunters, only to let Axeman kill them all,. It was an action filled 3 minutes but I missed the horror part. The part that made me almost vomit in season 2. Blood spraying around I can watch in an ordinary Vd episode.

Ryan Murphy really lost his way here, the storytelling is poor, the development feel forced and messy. I believe the show will end with a bang and finish up well, but there is so many wasted potential here. Shame!


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