The Originals Review: He knows. . .


This fall season I didn’t start to watch to many new shows, but The Originals are really a bundle of joy for my supernatural loving eyes. The primer reason I tuned in were Elijah and Rebekah, but know there are Cami, Josh, Sophie, Davina, maybe Hayley and maybe maybe even Klaus.

So many things happened in this episode I really don’t know where to start. Let’s start with the betrayal gone wrong part, Sophie played the family card with Hayley. Which resulted in Hayley giving the more or less right location of her pseudo hubby’s remains and which should give Sophie access to some powerful magic. This practically the first time Sophie played a game on her own. I hope she prevails cause even though I like my Original Vamps they have to much of a playground. But this plotpoint is more their to drive Halijah apart but Elijah should know there is nothing you wouldn’t do for family. But honestly can’t wait to see how the honarable will react to this. The end scene with Elijah connecting Davina’s paintings with Celeste was a really good tease.

Meanwhile Klaus, Elijah and Marcel started to hunt for Davina, this brought up long restrained tension between Elijah and Marcel. I really think Marcel overstayed his welcome, he is a bit to cooky for a Vamp who is just 150 years old or so. But Marcel and Elijah playing on the same team, for Davina’s sake, against Klaus plan was indeed a wild card. Davina, empowered by the fact that Klaus kidnapped ber beau, meanwhile killed 4 witches and overpowered Klaus and Elijah. Klaus being uptight as he is thought ahead and made Tim poison himself and Davina, but Davina got saved by a protection spell( bad that Bonnie didn’t know of that). The Mastermind of this episode was Rebekah, she took advantage of the situation and played an interesting game with the goal to become the Queen of New Orleans.

Cami found the fighter in her and prevailed over the pain and become compuslion free. Cami played the pain of realization really well, I felt for her as she was shockingly repeating “He know. . .”.  She, Davina and Josh have nice chemistry and their interaction gave the show something normal/human. She walked away from her uncle and threatened Klaus, so she barely wrote herself a death sentence. Can’t wait to see how the writers will avoid not killing her. Josh is a real sweetheart, it would be a shame to kill him hope he gets more focus along the way.

The preview for next week looks pretty intense with Davina’s inpending death, Sophie probably going psycho witch and a  secret becoming a dark cloud over our dream couple.


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