Pretty Little Liars Review: Ally’s Diaries


“Love ShAck, Baby” is the latest instalment of PLL that aired last night and it didn’t completely lived up to last weeks winter premier.

Emily: The diary Hanna took put her back in a bad place, what is obvious cause she was the girl who felt . The dream she had proved she still isn’t over Ally. She need’s the closure, the face to face screamig, just so she could feel the relief. But she is proactive about it and I love it. Hopefully Ally appears soon so she can scream. The mysterious message she got was awkward, I suspected something is wrong there. But I love how sensual the director presented her at that place, it was like she was feeling/playing with the emotions comeback.

Hanna: Overplaying her emotions is classic Hanna, she is just working past them like usual. Trevis reappearing and be there and not be awkward was a nice move. I was interested why she wouldn’t give the book to Aria and uuuoops Hanna had a make out session with Aria’s brother.  I heard they are heading for Mona & Mike pairing, let’s see will they mix Hanna into the duo.

Spencer: We are back to having daddy issues, this story around her dad is really interesting. His motives are a secret and I really wanna know who and what are they holding over his head.

Aria: That girl loves to play with fire, I get her having feelings but girl you can wait a couple of months if it’s the right thing to feel. But her playing around Ezra with us knowing a bit more was quite intense.

Team “A”: I loved how Ezra was twerlig as he noticed the diary in Spencer’s  hand. Him spying around them was funny. Him getting so easy into Hanna’s home was just to predictable. He should work for it more.  They resting at the Cabin was a poor move.  Just to convinient and how the hell he knew where the girls were? If it was EzrA who took the book, cause in this show “A’s” are popping out like rabbits. Either way  it seems  like Jake is coming back will squeeze the tie around Ezra’s neck. Let’s see how he will cope with that.

Hopefully next week will give us more answers and apparently Jake is coming back with some truthful sentences along the way, will he plant the seed deep enough? And what is the real agenda of Mr. Hastings?


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