Cougar Town Review: What’s Friends got to do with it?

When it was announced that Mathew Perry would guest star, Cougar Town upped their stakes.  So the highly anticipated “Like a Diamond” episode didn’t win in the reunion part of the episode but the other side stories played out really well.

Ellie was on the hunt for a lie in Laurie’s life. The random facts she found out, were just tremendous. Come on she was 4 time medically death. Then Ellie finally found  a Lie and she was illuminated. There is no person who loves more to be right than Ellie. But all of the sudden Ellie found some humanity in herself and prooved one of Laurie’s stories to be true so we got a  sweet moment between these hate birds and the introduction of Brunette Gangsta Laurie.

Bobby was on a snow trip. He really wanted it to snow and with full 10% possibility of snowing. Travis and Andy were trying to tell him that’s unlikely to happen it was really sweet how they were playing around him. The snow machine at the end was a giving from the moment they mentioned the possibility of snow.

From the great to the not so good!! Jules messed up and didn’t pay some bills, which somehow ended with her crashing into Chandler’s, I mean Sam’s car. After flirting out of her paying the damage, Sam got some deep chemistry vibes from Jules what made him organize a flashmob proposal for Jules. Jules of course didn’t know how to say no so she accepted the proposal. Thanks good Jules has her hubby who interrupts the engagment party with an other proposal kicking Sam out of the  equation. I must say if you knoe Monica and Chandler you must’ve been pretty bored by their Cougar town countepartners. I mean they were just off, the lines ,the situations were just not working . I mean the proposal scene was amazing, but that would be so with any guy character.

I hope they will never go back to Sam and we get more Laurie/Travis scenes. 


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