Teen Wolf Review: Is the Truth better than not knowing???


“More bad than good” was an other strong episode of Teen Wolf, plenty things were going on and as many answers were given so many(or more) questions were raised.

The episode started by revealing who is keeping the Hale’s inprisoned, no one important to us for now at least. After being nicely tortured by these people, a familiar face comes to their rescue, Braeden (the girl who saved Isaac in 301, Meagan Tandy). Her rubbish adtittude was entertaining and who doesn’t like a girl who puts Peter Hale on his place. All of the sudden the 3 of them find themself in a rusty house, werewolf proffed to find some kind of contender with a familiar symbol on it.

Meanwhile Scott and Stilles were trying to find Malia and turn her back. She is a lost girl who for 8 full years is transformed. Their plan is based on Scott roaring(not the Katy Perry way) her back to human. So they seeked help from the Twins (who went Beta in the aftermath of Jessica’s action’s). The 2 of them tried to punch the Alpha out of Scott but he just couldn’t let it out. He is to affraid of being out of control, affraid he could hurt someone.

The episode climaxed while the group was huting for Malia and it gave a lot of space for couple bounding.  On one hand Alison and Isaac got much more into their connection and trust. I like these two together  they doesn’t share the intense chemistry like Alison & Scott but they are good for each other hope they get somewhere over the curse of the season and skip this platonic thing they have going on now. Meanwhile Lydia is getting trapped into a trap and the only one who can help her is Stilles. The instructions are on some language so the Banshee gives a pep talk to her not so secret admirer and he easily saves her. As a reward he gets a emotional hug letting us hope there is maybe some feature for these 2.

Scott found his inner Alpha and succeeded into turning Malia back to human form, an look at it it’s no other than the STUNNIGLY BEAUTIFUL SHELLEY HENING. As I heard she got cast in Teen Wolf I was really happy but this seems like a game changing role, can’t wait for her to dig into the role and develop.

More or less on the bench this week was Kira and Scott’s father. I hope the writers won’t forget about the messy relationship between Scott and his dad.

Is there any hope for Lydia and Stilles? Why did the spanish grandma choose Peter’s finger? He has a bigger weak spot. And what the heck are they searching for? Be free and tell me what you think about this episode.



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