Intelligence Review: Red is for eXplosion


In my believe the 2nd episode of any show is the most important one, many people use it as a breaking point if they want to stick with the show or find a timeslot replacement. As the Pilot sets the Premise, the 2nd episode needs to deliver heavily storywise and character-wise.

The episode starts with a bang, litteraly. The plot of the episode revolves around an army station attack even though the suicide killer was checked out. How did it happen? Via #RedX a suppstance which should make explosions safer. Some scientist found a way to create redX  but he got robbed, and didn’t report it cause of “founding”.

Honestly the show isn’t wasting any opportunity to show Holloway without his shirt, I we all get it he looks great but they shouldn’t push it. But even though he is without clothes we are getting deeper into Gabriel’s character. His interaction with Riley and Lilian are strong and serve to fulfill the show with intensity and development. *ealing with his wife right away in episode 2 is a bold move, and I belive they succeeded in setting Gabriel free from his past demons, but I still believe she is alive. As I said in my Pilot review, the fight between the chip and human emotion is taking the main focus and if they continue with this progress they’ll have a great story to work with. Riley and Gabriel have great chemistry, not in sexual context, they are just two half of a coin they are linked and I look forward to see them bound.

I’m growing to like Lilian more and more, it’s hard to be such a strong female character. She has a lot of power in her hands. She has to choose well how to use and disper her power so she doesn’t  favor anyone.

Again I’m sorry the other cast members got pushed aside I want them be more active and play bigger parts in the episodes to come.

I’ ll stick with the show, will you? What do you think about the show and it’s potential?


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