HIMYM Review: The Slap of 1000 Exploding Suns


So 10 episodes to go.  HIMYM started the year with an average episode, with not to many laughs and the slap overall being pretty anticlimatic.

“The Slaps” are a great part of the whole HIMYM mythology but this one wasn’t that spectacular. We previously had complete episodes dedicated to slaps but this one felt overall forced and just filling up space. Other “slap” episodes had some other back stories going on, the episodes had better flow, they were just more coherant.

I mean this episode wasn’t that terrible it had some funny moments especially the ones were Robin, Lilly & Ted were disguised as Slap masters. My favorite for sure was Master Lilly and the reappearence of Nora, the Bartender Girl (Stacey Keibler) and many others. And while Robin’s and Lilly’s alter ego’s were all in, Ted was a complete fun drowner and pretty weird. The exaggeration that was helping interestingly in Lilly’s and Robin’s master quest was completly off in Ted’s case.

And while most of the episode was off, Barney had some nice one liners in the beggining of the episode and the appearence of Boys2Men barely saved the episode. But still I think this is the one to be the contender for the weakest episode of the season at lesat so far.

What do you think? Am I exaggerating ? Was this a slap worth rememberig?



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