Hart of Dixie Review: Merging Friends, Family and Exes


This was a busy week on Hart of Dixie, they really didn’t take any vacation so we had “Something to talk about”.

As a month has past in the world of Bluebell since we last checked in, the Wilkes’s cousins bounded a lot. Zoe really digs Vivian they are a lot a like and they connected on a honest level. So the line between her being jealous or protecive towards Vivian is really thin. I mean even though I’m not happy with Zoe being all jealous Zoe is best and most entertaining at her peak awkwardness. At end Zoe came out as the bigger person and talked to Vivian once again. On the other side I really like the Joel-Wade bromance(let’s call it Woel), even though their characters are like fire and water they work really well together. They have pretty sweet moments, who said sweet I meant alpha male moments.

In other news Fillmore is trying to merge itself with Bluebell, so the whole main cast, expect Brick, was on a mission to stop the merger. And while George and Lavon were infiltrating Fillmore with the help of Tansy. They indeed find evidence and reasoning for Filmore to accept the merger. Besides that Lavon finds evidence  that the spark between George and Tansy is still there. And after getting to know Lynly, I really cherish the chemistry between Tansy and George. George and Lavon were pushed into a corner what resulted with Bluebell switching into Panic mode, so it seems like Hell is breaking loose. Glad Rose came back. AnnaBeth meanwhile introduced a plan to stop the Bluebell inhibitants from learning about the merger issues. She and Joel planted a scheme so it looked like the 2 of them are having an affair. ABe was really funny and I love when she is under pressure cause you are just waiting for her to break in a hilarious way.

Shelby and Brick were out of the merging drama, but Shelby is a pregnant walking bundle of drama. She came like a tornado and disturbed and fixed Brick’s life so many times in this hour. It was funny to see Brick twirl around every time Shelby got a new idea.

So how long will last 7th heaven between Zoe,Wade and Joel? Is George out of  Zoe’s heart? How will this Filmore drama end? I really look forward to see were we are headed!



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