Revenge Review: Haters have the best enduRance


After an awfully slow episode last week, “Endurance” ,Revenge’s latest outing, came back with a pretty intense and development filled episode. Stories were all over the place finishing with unexpected developments.

The introduction of Niko (Stephanie Jacobsen), Takeda’s daughter, is a pretty brilliant move, probably the best of season 3. A character full of edge, intense interactions and a dangerous wild card if she finds out any bit of what Aiden and Emily did. It will be interesting to see how her emotions will shift after she finds out the handsome British guy killed her dad. She admires Emily but hates her at the same time and I assume she is well trained as Emily and Aiden. Aiden was desperate to deliver a message to Emily and Niko arranged a meating for the 2 love birds on which Aiden decieded he can’t play the Revenge game anymore, what honestly is pretty poor move (I’m not saying I expected better from him) cause I’m sure he would go until his last breath if it was about his sister.

Meanwhile Emily was in the Lion’s dent already surrendering infront of her enemies. But one shocking detail ruined Emily’s runaway plans. She can’t have children! I think this was a bit overplayed cause Emily lost already so much, she knew what she was getting into. But this proved to me she really didn’t care that much about Aiden, she was about to drop everything for Jake and this will probably mark the begging of their comeback. Otherwise Em’s had to play it pretty smart to still stay in the game for Hamptons Queen Bee but she prevailed thanks to some plotting with her best friend Nolan Ross. These two have great moments and they trully get each other, the opening scene were he diguised himself to visit her was great.  But again I’m heartbroken that he can’t let  go off Patrick, I mean he is a pretty stunning looking man but he hasn’t proved any real character or development for that matter. It seems Nolan is the one who drops the daddy card, it will be interesting to see what daddy has in store for Mother & Son.

Worst development of the episode Sara and Daniel. I mean they presented Sara as such a strong character, she being so easily pulled back in was just pathetic. I was happy as Jack punshed Daniel, he had it coming. Daniel pursuing Sara seemed a bit out of character especially with the looming threath of Emily getting her memories back. He proved again that he is just a reptile crawling all over the place finding a way to survive.

The preview for the “winter finale” seems interesting I hope beside the appereance of Patrick’s dad it will prove an other cliffhanger.


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