Hart of Dixie: What happened and what ( I THINK ) is coming


3 years ago when they announced Rachel Bilson was coming back to Tv with a show on her own I was thrilled. I really love that girl, she was my favorite character in O.C. and I digged every other TV/movie appearence she made. I just love everything about this silly actress and with the premise of the show being about a doctor who goes to a farm and me being a medical student I knew I will just fall for this show.

The show tells the the story of little dr Zoe Hart who cause of her lack of patient care skills deciedes to take an offer she got quite some time ago and join dr Harvey Wilkes practice in Bluebell, Alabama. Upon reaching Bluebell, Alabama she finds out that not only is dr Harvey dead and he was her biological father. Torn by this information Zoe deciedes to stay in Bluebell and proof something to herself. With the knowledge about who her real father is Zoe & her real fathers issue become more clearer and her dis trust towards men is justified by the shaky relationship with her father who more or less abondoned after finding out the truth.

Zoe & her men! Even though filled up with daddy and trust issues Zoe develops deep connections with the men of Bluebell. First of there is the Adonis like build bad boy Wade with whom right away Zoe has intense chemistry and a make out session. Over the course of the first season there is a lot of pulling away between these 2, but the first season concluded with them finally hooking up. In Zoe’s wish for it to be more than just a hook up they’ve tryed to be a couple and their relatioship more or less marked season 2 of the show. They eventually broke up over Wade’s infidelity. The essential issue that brought us to this break up was Wade’s fear of not being good enough for Zoe, so he did the one thing that could make Zoe lose every hope/intention to stay in a relationship with him, He cheated!!! A heartbroken Zoe barely recovered from this and started to dive back into her idealistic feeling for town lawyer George. In contrast to bad boy Wade, George has all the qualities  Zoe is searching for except one- he has a fiancee. In season one there was a lot of pining on Zoe’s side and George was indiferent but there comes back his perfect status he would never cheat his fiancee. He first approached her after he broke up his engagement on his wedding day, but it was quite late cause Zoe already slept with Wade. George would look even past that but Zoe wouldn’t be his rebound and put their relation on ice. At least till she broke up with Wade and she was in search for security and turned to George who was in a commited relationship with Wade’s ex-wife Tansy(small towns ). Tansy broke up with George out of her own insecurities. Than came season 3 and Zoe had a new Beu, Joel. An nerdy writer from urban NY who had even a worse time adapting to Bluebell than Zoe had once upon a time in season 1. The fandom wasn’t really happy about this new relationship but I thing they aren’t watching right over it. Zoe needs stability, someone who is reliable and whom she trust completly. Joel is selfconfident and doesn’t need other women to prove something to him. So till no one appears who will step up enough I say let Zoey and Joel be happy.

Zoe & Bluebell!!! Upon arriving in Bluebell Zoe got 2 things a friend and a nemesis and the interaction with both of them is priceless. Especially considering the 2 of them(friend&foe) had a fling.  Her new best friend came in the hilarious presentation of mayor Lavon Hayes. Lavon is maybe the most awkward member of the main group, he is really convincing in playing the awkward sports men who is easily intimidated by women and really hates when he is put in cross roads with the other cast members. His and Zoe have a really sweet connection and their are really working well together in their sweet but rare moments. I mean as the show goes on these 2 are parting away more and more. And that is pretty sad cause their moments are emotional. sweet, entertaining and strong. But besides the funny moments Lamon and Zoe gave us, Zoe’s interaction with Bluebell Queen B, Lemon Breeland, was powerful and probably the most entertaining part of the show. I think both Lamon and Zoe learned a lot from their relationship(bitch fights) and with that they both went into a better future for both, made choices they usually wouldn’t make just cause they viewed a different direction. Overall Zoe had a rough time getting used to the Bluebell ways, people were pretty reluctant towards her need some time to accept her, but that was the charm of the show. The funny moments and awkward realisations proved to be really enjoyable.

Other inhibitants. Even though Zoey is the main character and promenantly featured, there are plenty other people who made this show watchable. One of the is Lemon. Her development during this 2& a half seasons is just tremendous, she. grew up. She realized that she doesn’t need a man to take care of her that she needs to find herself, define herself first and than find happiness with a man. For now these plans are put on stand by cause the lovely Jamie King who portraits Lemon just got  her first baby and so Lemon won’t appear in the next 5 episodes. An other lovely character is Annabeth, Lemon’s bff and Lavon’s current girlfriend. She is a really sweet girl pretty who is easily  intimidated by others but she early on has a strong connection with Zoe and the 2 friends have some sweet moments. But Annabeth developed a lot as well, from the girl who couldn’t confess her husband left her to the girl who knows exactly what she wants and works to support herself. Her awkwardness serves her right and her scent of doing the right thing puts her in pretty awkward situations. Lavon. As previously said he is the most awkward mayor I ever saw.  He is intergral to the town and I loved him competing for the job of the mayor against Ruby. I mean it’s always funny to see Lavon in stressful situations, he can barely cope with them but always finds a way to get on top of it. The newest issue he put himself into is the possible marriage with AnnaBeth. He hasn’t  planned that step but for AnnaBeth it’s the move that he should already think of.  Vivian Wilkes is the newest addition to the cast and represents Zoe’s  family in Bluebell, she is pretty calculated and cominf of as a strong character what she needs to be if she wants to be a single mom. Her relationship with Zoe is pretty difficult cause Zoe is a closed person and needed 2 full years to approach them. So Vivian is pretty happy when she meets Zoe and has guard towards her. In the latest instalment these 2 connected made a move towards each other. Besides that Vivian reconected with Wade aswell what seems to present the premise of the rest of season 3 .

Overall Ho* is a great show  and features some great characters. It’s isn’t a cliffhanger filled show, it’s a real drama with real developments were the storylines aren’t forced, I really enjoy every episode I watch.

What I think will happen:

-Zoe and Joel will eventually break up, reunating Zoe with one of her primary choices George or Wade.

-Lemon & Zoe will get more screen time together.

-Lemon will bound with Joel and most likely get together or share a kiss by the end of the season( he is obviously everything Lemon needs).

-Lavon & AnnaBeth will enlope or at least one of them will propose marriage.

-A main character will die.


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