Two and a half Men Review: Date night

After some shaky episodes at the begging of the season Two and a Half Men are back in the game. These last couple episodes of are full of laughs and interestin development.  There are some really interesting cast additions which work really well with the core cast.

After going out to watch a movie alone, Alan meets his ex Linsay and his friend Larry and her boyfriend. Larry, not knowing Alan bangged his current gf on a reccuring base even while they were dating, invites Alan on a double date, with his co-worker Gwen( Brooke Lyons ). Seems like Larry all along intended to bang Gwen. After an interesting arobatic throath performance at the dinner table, Gwen invites her new friends to an other party, which is later revealed to be a Swinger party. Surprise surprise! Alan in his awkwardness was funny as always and just when he lost Gwen to Larry you thought he would get back with his girl Lyndsay. But Lyndsay finds a more suiting mate for her and leaves Alan hanging. Boomer! I really thought Lyndsay would go back to her Ex and start the romance all over but even she doesn’t fall for Alan. Sometimes I feel really sad for Alan but than I just laugh over it. At the end he got a ride on a GILF train leaving him not so miserable.

Meanwhile Walden was trying to get a date we his former employee/boss/stunning girl Nicole played by Odette Anable. She was recultant towards it and tried to avoid any contact with Walden. But come on who can say no to Ashton Kutscher!!?? After he surprises her with a piknick without food, she gives in and accepts a date with Walden. Under one condition after she finishes her mind reader app. Walden od course offers his very capable hands and after some interesting scenes they finish up. The real laughs in this episode came from Greek alum Clark Duck playing the ultra nerd Barry, who has a sweet Idol crash on Walden. Hopefully Barry meets Alan and fight a bit over Walden’s attention. At the end of the episode Walden got the girl, got the app working and got premature ejaculation. Win win win! ! !

Jenny got just one scene this week and that was one of the better decisions this week. I’m not really happy with her character, she has some funny moments but it’s a bit too vulgare for me. And with Charlie, Alan and Walden you have the source of their problems, Jenny is just rude and pushes my gag reflax. Got the feeling she got Regular status just cause the writer couldn’t admit that they made a mistake.

After quite sometime I really look forward to watch the next ep especially if it includes some Barry moments.


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