TBBT Review : On Life Support


An other Big Bang came our way last night and it was a really funny bang. Last week of TBBT was great but this one gave it up an inch, and beside that we also got us some interesting new pairings to explore.

Last weeks episode ended on a tiny cliffhanger with us not knowing were Penny & Lenard are headed. This week the rarely sober Penny realized she made a mistake and she wants to get to back to were they left things before the events of the previous night (Leanard is of course really happy cause of it). In other interesting news Penny quit her job as a waitress (to focus more on her career) and that created new tension between the couple. Leanard really wasn’t happy with Penny’s  decision. He pretend to support her career changing plan what later on bit him in the as*. The scene were he says what he really think was classic panic Lenard and made me laugh hard.  While they’re fight was going on Penny spent some quality time with Sheldon, who got put on forced vacation. So the 2 ” dreamers”(as Sheldon calls them) spent some time together and proved again that their scenes together are the best thing the show can do. Between plenty hilarious moments a really sweet one included Sheldon asking the couple where they are going to live after the of 2 them get married. At the end everything was good between P&L. I think the writers are heading towards a season finale Marriage proposal with Penny getting a great job offer at the same time. Putting their relationship on Life support.

While there were some trouble in P&L paradise we found out that Amy has a secret admirer(playe by Brian Posehn) . She of course didn’t even notice till the fantastic duo Raj & Howard presented it to her. Raj had some nasty comments about Amy’s love live, but our gurl can defend herself so she put Raj on his place. This were some funny scenes and I wondered if these 3 ever had a storyline before last nights events. I hope Amy’s admirer comes back, would be funny to watch him interact with Sheldon.

In an other suprisig pairing of the night Berny spent time with Stuart, cause she burned one of Howards comic books. So they went to an other comic book store where they met Stuart’s pretty handsome nemesis, who was a true jack a** towards Stuart. Berny stud up for her friend and stormed out of the store. She later come back for the comic but was screamy angry at Jesse, the owner of the store. I hope Jessie starts hitting on Berny just to see how jealous her hubby will be.

Great episode, can’t wait for more next week.


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