Modern Family Review: How much time did U really need?


New year has come and with it a new excellent instalment of Modern Family! I love when there are so many storylines going on and than we get the whole family together messing around.

Today we were celebrating little Joe’s birthday which featured the comeback of Joe’s Manny. He is a sweet character but why was he at work when the whole family was home? So while Manny played some games with Joe, the little guy called his Manny daddy and all that infront of Jay who couldn’t seem more indifferent. But just a few moments later we see Jay bashing into Joe’s room trying to force him to tell daddy to him. It’s always great to watch Ed play silly.  In other moments in the Pritchet-Delgado house, Manny falls in love again. This time Jay doesn’t want him to get hurt so he tries to convince him there should be an initial spark and that he can’t force the girl to like him, so he should choose the girl who already likes/hunts him(awkwardly it was Lilly what gave space for some funny lines from both parents). It’s always sweet to watch these 2 bond, they are so different that I’m surprised they even talk to each other.

In other hilarious moments Mitchell and Cam were trying to book a venue for their wedding. As always Mitchell’s analytic side clashed with Cam’s impulsive side what brought us to the point of the 2 of them messing with some school girls to get the wished date. At the end the venue was determind to be held sometime in May right for the shows season final.

The madhouse of the episode as always was the Dunphy family. I mean they would die if someone wasn’t lying or plotting against the other. So we saw overcautious Alex learning how to drive, Phil forcing Luke to accept his inner tiny dancer, Clair going mad over Phil’s trick and Phil getting arrested cause Haley didn’t pay her parking tickets. Over all they were hilarious and I was surprised that Haley was the one to take control over the family and initiated lies to bring peace. 

The show is really bringing it and I love every single moment of it.


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