Bring It On: Tv on Thursday 09.01.


So this Thursday I’ll enjoy my cbs comedies, but only 2 of them TBBT & TAAHM. Each of them presented great New Year episodes so I can’t wait for tonights episodes which should dig deeper into issues started last week.

The Big Bang Theory

-After the proposal blow out I expect some awkwardness between our 2 love birds, I think Penny will raise above this and propose Lenard. Before she does that Lenny will have his hands full with Sheldon who is on forced vacation and will probably go insane cause of it.

Two And A Half Men

– I really enjoyed last weeks instalment of TAAHM, the level of laughs were huge. I mean the show will never be as good as it was with Charlie, but it’s pretty charming and Alan has so much space to be his awkward self. This week Alan is dating and I already imagine him being cheap as ever. Walden on the other hand pines over the amazing Anabel Odette, but I hope for more interaction with the Geek alum Clark duke.


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