Arrow : What happened and what ( I THINK ) is coming


Arrow is the one of the newest instalements out of the dC comic world. The story follows the to hot to be true Oliver Queen on his personal Vendetta. This action filled drama succided in combining a comic legend with present time urban lifestyles and plenty of love interests.

As previously said the show follows Oliver Queen. After suffering shipwreck in which he lost his father and his girlfriends lover friend Oliver is forced to live on a deserted Island. The main story follows Oliver, now a killing machine in his present time home town Starling City which he tries to save from whealthy selfish buisnessmen, mafia and family frenemies. The writers through out the episodes give us frequent flashbacks to the island with some of them being useful to the storyline and some of them just filling up time.

Oliver Queen is a tremendously build character, the writers found a great balance to portray his determination on one side and the burden of his goal that slowly easts him from the inside. Not only his inner struggle is portrayed well, his new social skills are on a very low bar so his interactions with his mother, sister, bff and ex-girlfriend are pretty entertaining.  Of course along the way he gathers a little entourage consisting out of his bodyguard John Diggle and high-tech genius aka stunningly beauty Felicty Smoak(also dc character). This crime fighting core group has great interaction and they are just working while they face the scary faces of Starling city.

A long the course of these  currently aired episodes (32 and still counting) the show introduceda variety of *C comic chracter, front lined with The Cunt Vertigo, Huntress(Oliver’s sexcaped), *arl Archer, Slade Wilson and many others. Not every introduction was smoth and useful but the show is having a really good time both storywise and raiting wise.

The latest amount of episodes introduced the character of Barry Allen aka Flash into the Arrowverse. Played by the charming Grant Gustin, Barry brought a fresh breeze to the show and changed the dynamics between Oliver and Felicity.

Oliver & the girls. Let’s start with OLICITY! One of the most expected hook ups on current TV. The sassy intelectual Felicity rocked the world of our sexy protagonist Archer. Their chemistry is undeniable but till recent outings they played it save but the last straw was Oliver’s sexy night with Isobel Rochev, that made Felicity out her feeling to Oliver. This speech rocked the Arrowverse but Olicity fans didnt know if they should be happy or sad, cause the begging of Olicity seemed to be their ending aswell. On the other hand there is Laurel. Oliver’s pre Island girlfriend after whom he pined most of season 1. Oliver cheated on Laurel cause he couldn’t deal with the obligation and direction in which their relationship headed. Than he was 22, 5 years later the same feeling were hunting him as he come back to his home town. Now he would probably act on his emotions but he has the burden of being a killer and possibly putting her in danger. I’m very found of Katie Cassidy but lately the writers aren’t exploiting her back. We just get glimpses of her suffering cause of the lost of her sister and boyfriend, but as of recent rumors and previews it seems Laurel will earn back her lead actress status and have some intense development along the curse of season 2B.


In the most recent midseason finale we got 3 big surprisses: we found out how Shado  died, Roy got injected with the “SERUM” and Slade being in Starling city and helping Sebastian Blood in his intentions.

– Roy won’t be able to handle his new powers, so Oliver and Felicity will try to make a antiserum to try to help him.  What will possibly kill him or make him proper Red Arrow material.

-Sarah Lance aka Black Canary will comeback become paralyzed and be some kind of mentor to Laurel.

-Slade will soon show his face to Oliver properly after Mr. Blood goes down.

-Thea will leave Starling city and move to Central city.

-An other member of the League of Justice will be introduced maybe even for a mini arc, in my mind front runners are Green Lantern or Batman.


One thought on “Arrow : What happened and what ( I THINK ) is coming

  1. Arrow is one of my favorite shows right now! I love all the metaphors and action and just the story line in general. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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