AHS Coven : The Witch Off


What I hate the most is when a show drags storylines around and that was more or less what AHS was doing over the curse of his 3rd season run. But tonight the show exploded with development

Marie proved to be more messed up than any other character in this season. Papa Legba is coming every year to her to sacriface a child so she could pay of her immortality. That wouldn’t be that awful at all if she hadn’t to kill her first born. That was a completely new side of her character and I really dig her intergration into the Coven and interaction with Fiona. Especially the spell to destroy Hank’s dad, just loved their combination of  devious. Fiona’s scene with Papa Legba was intense and just when you thought she would get what she wants, Legba can’t give it to her cause she has no soul. You got to have soul if Stevie Nicks is coming by.

The appearence of Stevie Nicks was a nice touch to the show. I loved how infatuated Misty was with her, Lilly Rabe’s character had a special meaning and development over the course of the season and I see her go mad when she comes back the 2nd time around. But the thing I just love this season is Emma Robert’s character Madison. This girl has so many faces, so many hidden emotions and overplays it so beautiful with her innocent insouciance

The possibility of Nan being the new supreme came to me when the curtain in Luke’s house went on fire in the begginig of the season. It was interesting to see Nan go out of her mind and kill Luke’s Mom while bonding Zoey to the wall. I was sad when she got so easily  drowned by Fiona and Marie.

The development I’m looking most forward to is Cordelia, Sarah Paulson is portraying an intense character this season and I believe her every emotion she plays. I think her pain will push her over the limits maybe even reveal her as the new supreme.

This week I missed Kathy and Evan, hope they come back next week. Where as it seems Fiona’s killing spree will continue with the help of the Axeman and I hope for the witch hunters to appear lead by the magnificant Dylan McDermott, I can hope can’t I.


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