Teen Wolf Review: One card for the spooky teenage drama train, please!


THIS IS A TEENAGE DRAMA! The show finally got back on their season 1 drama train and got showed some major  potenial for the rest of season 3.  Let’s dig into the specifics.

The new girl, Kira. Lovely introduction, totally loving how socially awkward she is, who wouldn’t be with that Father. I loved the initial spark she has with Scott, she seems really lovely and Scott desperately needs to get laid. I mean Alisson moved on some level and Scott should too, just as Mom said you fall in love more than once and it can and probably will be better than the first time. Prior to this lovely Mother-Son moment we got an interesting Father-Son moment which for the first time digged into Scott’s anger towards his father and I think it will be a big deal later on in the show!  Malia? This certainly got me intruiged and why do I get the feeling Kira’s dad is torturing the Hale’s. The Isaac scenes were funny and somehow character suiting. I mean Isaac lost everything, Scott and Melissa are his only family and he respects that, he would’t  do anything to lose either of them. The Isaac-Alisson scene was hot and I vote for the show to go there. I mean Alisson-Scott are probably more than endgame, but they are teens they need to live.  I loved her flashbacks and I really hope they they let her loss go all killer on the monsters, it’s quite time for it to happen. The writers are teasing us to much.

Stilles! He honestly is the shining star of the show and my personal favorite. His awkwardness is really captivating and truth to be told he is growing into a huge scene stealer. I mean he got a 6 minute intro and it was scary as hell. His flashes are much more intense probably because of his analytic mind and there we can see all the beauty of Mr. O’Brien’s acting skills. Lydia was perfect as always, the combination of her IT girl personality and Einstein IQ makes her interesting to watch. Her comments, her pseudo leader adtittude just make me want more of her. I missed the conclusion of were the twins are!

I think “Anchors” was a great way to start a new arc even though they left some  stories without clonclusion. I personally enjoyed it very much.


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