PLL Review : Back to your own grAve


 And here we go agAin! ! ! The girls tried to dig out some major secrets out of Ally’s grave but they aren’t even close to find a coffin to open it up.  Let’s break the episode up girl by girl.

Spencer. She really won me over by the end of season 3 but I’m sad that her whole existance is simplified to be Toby’s lap dog. I miss the strong independent Spencer who goes for her own answers, not her bofriend’s. I was/am a huge Stoby fan but their current interaction is really boring me, but Spencer’s interaction with her parents is always a nice thing to watch. They pop up and disappear just when the story needs them to, but I’m digging Mr. Hastings hidden agenda, let’s see where the story is headed.

Emily. She was more or less in the backseat this week, besides the tense awkward scene between her and Paige and the beautiful amazing scene between them. I like that the writers aren’t giving up on them, they are a great couple. When Clair started to tell her story I saw the pain coming back to Emily and I’m happy Em’s embarked on her road to conclusion .

Aria. The girl is playing a dangerous game, she  doesn’t even know how dangerous. Having this new insight makes every scene with Ezra more intense and really interesting to watch. The story of the young girl falling for the “older” man is still working for the show. I honestly thought Aria would stick w/ Jack and not cause he is the save choice just cause she is mature enough to know that Ezra will never be the RIGHT one.

Hanna. My poor poor Hanna. I hate they hurt her this much just so they can make a proper spin off outta Ravenswood. I love her scenes with Caleb, overall they are such a great mature couple. Their dialouges are just working well and moving their story forward. Their goodbye scene made me happy/sad in a weird weird way cause they aren’t finished yet and I see Caleb comeback as soon as Ravenswood wraps up it’ freshman run.

Team A! This week was slow on planting traps, murders and other stuff, but the writers didn’t spare time to show us just how (potentialy) devious Ezra is. The way he handled overly confident Mona and put her back into her dark spot was just plain genius. I will probably rewatch all 4 seasons as this is over but now I give much more into every look, gesture Ezra makes.

Can’t wait for next week to come as the girls dig into past secrets. . .


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