Intelligence Review : This chip can’t get Hollow/er


Josh Halloway came back to our smally screens in a really intruiging piece of television . Josh portrays Gabriel, an overconfiedent smartas* high-tech weapon(pretty much indestructable) who came to rock your world.

The pilot isn’t saving any time in showing of Gabriel’s really potential as he searches for his wife in the Himalayes. After barely escaping the mess he put himself into he comes back home and get’s a babysitter of his own played by the wonderful Meghan Ory. Ory who I grew to love as hot Ruby in OUAT is really getting space to prove herself in this episode(something the OUAT writers missed during her 2 season run).

The main plot of the pilot revolves around Gabriel’s maker getting kidnapped so he could create an other “weapon”. As the story progresses you can see more and more of Gabriel’s character that he is mostly emotion driven but isn’t affraid of using his high-tech powers. The line between the machine and human is very thin and you never know with which face Gabriel will move forward with, will he act on his emotions or do the robot thing everyone expect him to.

Meghan’s character Riley is a tomboish special agent who has just one goal, to do her damn job. A career woman with a soft side is nothing new to our small screens. But the way Riley uses her emotions to understand and work through real life issues.

The rest of the main cast lead by Marg H. character Lillian was filling up the space properly. Lillian is a mysterious character and I see her reveal some secrets on her own during the course of the 1st season. I’m fan of Michael Rady in every show he appears and this time around he was just as sweat as I remember him form Emily Owens.

The thing I liked the most is that even though I watched every promo CBS realised the last 15 minutes were a complete surprise. I honestly enjoyed the episode, didn’t saw the Nerd be the one to betray his home service. The only thing I really missed was a cliffhanger or revelation that would keep me on the edge of my seat even though the other weapon woke up .


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