Hostages Review: The End or something like that?

Hostages wrapped up! Am I sad? Maybe. Was it a good final? Yes in many ways  ! There were so many stories to wrap it up in just 2 hours and suprisingly they did it. I was honestly hoping we would get a more cliffhanger final with Ellen and Duncan on the run but no one obviously didn’t ask me.

Hour 1: Started with a completely new story being pushed forward, Ms Raped President Child from Leukemia dying Carlisle abduction. Suprisingly this story worked really well, there were tence moments, betrayal, redemption it was really interesting to follow how things will end. The main story was pushed aside but we got some interesting scenes with Ellen trying to find a way to get that precious sample. Ellen proved to be a pretty resourceful woman who knows how to lie pretty quickly and plan things properly. The late father-daughter bonding was nice, but the 2 of them eliminating their follower was just a bit to easy but interesting to watch. The episode cliffhanger was neat and made a nice entrance into the final hour.

Hour 2: Huhhh!!! That was intense. Some pretty interesting developments and fast pacing just worked. From the first scene involving Duncan and Ellen(great chemistry btw) till the concluding moments. This is what the show missed action. Not witholding, with the storyline just accelarating into the highest gear. I mean look at the Originals, they finish a story  without fearing it ended to soon even though they could drag it along at least one season. Duncan and Valerie worked just well enough to plot a love fooled Colonel. I felt sorry for him, he just believed and in the Hostages universe that is a fatal error.

The famous operation were the show was primarily heading to, was an entertaining piece of television. It was pretty messy and a lot of things happened. It was great they showed Ellen was a great surgeon and she pulled of a miracle saving by herself and got Duncan’s pretious sample. The Duncan-Ellen goodby scene was just perfect, the connection they made it was just the perfect way to finish it.

The impending Hostages situation with the other Sanders family was played down, it shoul’ve been a lot more dramatic, especially with the way the previous hour concluded. I mean it was to convinient for Kramer to appear.

OVER ALL!! I enjoyed this show and these 2 final episodes. Yes it could’ve been a lot better if the writers wasn’t sparing everything for this grand final and some main character should’ve died this was a to safe choice for the show to end.


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