Cougar Town Review : Love Birds going Global


Cougar Town is back and season 5 started with a bang. Or better said break, Jules arm! The thing that really works for this show is that this awkward 40 somethings really have deep issues.

Jules is probably the most awkward character ever, that woman really hasn’t any social skills and that is the beauty of her character. I still believe she isn’t on their love train and she will never honestly be cause Laurie isn’t the daughter in Law anyone would wish for especially when you know all of her sexcapedes. I hope the writers stick with the weird moments between these 3. I mean the shower scene and the following scene were just hilarious and really fun to watch.

As always the best lines belonged to Ellie, Christa is really pulling it off. You really believe her when she insults someone, loved her messing with Andy and the whole Stan won’t sleep story was a nice background story to the main story. Tom was just right as well, sometimes I just can’t wait for the group to isolate him to see how awkward he will get just to fit in. The Freddy Krueger scene was really funny and I enjoyed how quickly Tom messed it up.

As for Penny Can going global  and Bobby getting money it was a nice touch. Bobby really needed a break , and even though I enjoyed Bobby’s and Grayson’s scenes I didn’t appreciate Grayson going for the money. I mean every other member of the Cul de Sac gave more to Bobby than Grayson and had more rights to ask for some money.

A great start into a new season and I can’t wait for next Tuesday to get even more Awkward!


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