Bring it on: Tv on Wednesday 08.01


Tonight on my Tv watch is Modern Family & the beautiful witches of AHS: Coven.

Modern Family

– After a perfect midseason final(where all characters got their scenes to shine), MF is coming back with a really interesting instalment. Phil gets arrested while signing in Luke for a dance lessons, what would be enough for a hilarious instalment there are Cam and Mitch who start to get involved into their wedding plans.

American Horror Story: Coven

– There are only 4 episodes to conclude this season of AHS: Coven, and shit should start to go down. The previous episode  ended
with a couple of bangs with people asking if our dear Queenie is dead or alive. I assume she is still alive especially with Misty being around. In other news the amazing Stevie Nicks is stopping by and will interact with Misty. I mean it’s time for witches to burn and turn on each other. So prepare your popcorn I think we are in for a threat tonight.



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