Bring It On: Tv on Tuesday 07.01

As today is Orthodox Christmas I had no chance to watch and Review yesterday’s episodes, I will do it ASAP. Till than let’s see what is happening tonight. Tuesdays are usually slow for me, but it will get busier with The Originals and Twisted coming back soon, till than on my Tv watch tonight we get new airings of PLL & Cougar town.

Pretty Little Liars

-Honestly I’m sick of the messy  drama, I want really answers and they should happen soon.  The rotation of new and old “A’s” is getting boring, cause now it seems like every crime can be justified. With 2 big revelations cooming up in the last 2 episodes I really hope we get more dynamic into the last 12 eps of season 4. As the synopsis says the girls want to find out who is in Ally’s grave, what should be interesting and with Hanna initiating everting I could see her be Ezra’s I mean A’s to punish list.

Cougar Town

-Finally we get to enjoy Lavris happening, as it seems the  2 of them are in a serious relationship now, and of course everyone is fine with it but Jules. I hope we get a lot of Snarky Ellie moments and Jules completely freaking out on her hubby. I expect a really funny instalment coming to us.


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