Revenge Review : Lost Memory or Lost Curse?


OHHHHH!!! What a mess!!?? So I’m quite sad with the curse the show has taken. I get having some issues with storytelling and character development, but as season 3 started I though that was all behind us. Season 3 till this point was pretty good not season 1 good but good. There was plotting, there was character development, there was progress in the story but just than when the story was action filled the writers pulled the breaks and  decieded to stop everything that was going on and take the boring lane.

So Emily was able  to survive! Big surprise isn’t it??? Till the scenes with Char and Jack I really didn’t bought the act but than Miss VanCamp convinced me she was lost, insecure, just scared by all the terrible things happening to her. Looking at the Amnesia story per say I’m not happy with it. Once again the easy way out, the had so many ways they could’ve played this Amnesia was the worst one. I would be happier with Victoria knowing Emily set her up and Em’s and Aiden be on the run from the Graysons, but no now we have to stick up some charade play between Emily and Victoria. The issue is I hate when a show gets messy but I can’t unhook from it and now I really wanna know where this mess is heading.

But to determine which character  messed up most tonight is really hard. But as always there is a winner, and it’s sweet charming Daniel. I’m so sad were this character ended up. Every time he needed to step up he just failed is it cause he never learned to be responsable, was suffocated by his dear mother once again. He let his mother live his life again and help set up poor Lydia.  Lydia never was my favorite character but she was written that way bitch*y snarky unlikeable either way bringing her back  from the dead just to frame her for the shooting is pathetic.

The character I feel most sad for is Nolan, he is a mess, that guy can’t catch a break.  Just when he filled secure and happy his world crashed. The whole fight between him and Patrick was poorly set up but the impact was really hard. It will be interetsing to see how devious Patrick really  is and will he really go against Nolan.

The only character who intruiged me was Nora, Aiden’s something something. She seems pretty carefree what if properly used can be dangerous especially in a show named Revenge.


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