Bring It On: TV on Monday 06.01.


Today on my to watch list Teen Wolf and the 2h season(probably series) finale of Hostages.

Teen Wolf

-After a solid midseason final and scoring additional eps Teen Wolf is coming back to our small screens. I wasn’t watching the show till Season 3 started and after quickly getting into the story I fall in love with the cast and the supernatural background. It will be interesting to see how Scott will fit into the Alpha role and what is going on with Derek, and what excuse will they present to us for Cora not being with her brother(Adelaide Kane being the Lead in CW’s Reign). The official synopsis says the 3 main characters will deal with the aftermath of traveling to the other world. That’s fine with me as long as it means there will be more Stiles( young Mr. O’Brien is nailing it). A new character should be introduced as well, played by the Ardena Cho . And with this being TW we can be sure someone will die by the end of the episode.


-I know I am one of the rare people who watches Hostages, but I really like the show. I mean how not to like a show with so many great actors. But I honestly the writing wasn’t that good they were putting things aside just to prolong the show. To many situatiions and plot points were pulled out of nowhere, they slowed down the pace a lot so they can stretch the story over 15 eps. Either way I sticked with the show and I look forward to the finale tonight. Back to tonights episodes they should wrap up the main storyline which concludes with the famous operation. I persume the writers will leave us on a cliffhanger with Ellen and Duncan running from the police.


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